Lack of Inspiration

17 02 2009

Winter Walk, originally uploaded by kamikaze productions.

It was somewhere around 15-22 degrees Fahrenheit that day. I was planning on doing some portraits in Central Park, but my “date” couldn’t make it. I decided because it was such a well lit day to hang out anyway and see if I could catch some good shots.

It had been awhile since I had just tried to capture landscapes and scenary, and I won’t pretend like it was easy. I felt mediocre at best, couldn’t put anything into frame – it was just rough on my ego. Couple that with the frigid temperature, and well inspiration was clearly absent. I may have taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 shots, and luckily I did walk away with a few I could be proud of.

The picture above happened when I was really justt rying to capture some depth by focusing on the shrubs with the majority of the frame lending itself to the walkway. However, a group of young people walked onto the ice and started to trek down the path. I snapped about 10 images making sure i blurred the passerbys on purpose. I thought it would add to the effect. And it did – I have a picture that served its purpose – wintery imagery, depth, and a cool feeling reminiscent of the cold climate.

I learned two lessons from this adventure. 1) When you don’t see anything you want to take pictures of – take the pictures anyway. Frame and re-frame just keep taking pictures until your brain kickstarts or you get a lucky moment. 2) Never ever choose to not shoot just because of a cancellation. I was already on location with gear – worse thing I could have done would be do go home after complaining to myself how cold it was. Keep shooting and never cancel on yourself, a sure fire way to come out with at least one photo to smile about.




3 responses

18 02 2009
The SignalSoldier

Get off your can and just take some pics 😀

At least you not stuck in dull Iraq like me with very little to shoot at that wont shoot at you back………….with a weapon that is 😀

18 02 2009

SS I didn’t know you were in Iraq?

I felt the same way. I’ll look at these landscape shots on other sites that are just amazing to me, yet when I go outside, all I see are regular ass neighborhoods, houses, trees, etc. Things looking very postcard or snapshot-like. I need more practice on framing and what you choose to include (or exclude) from it.

That reminds me, I’ll post my winter storm shots in our section on ASR

13 03 2009

Just had that same feeling a while ago, after a several month photography break. You just need to get out and shoot. Soon you will have the flow and be in the zone again. Good luck and keep shooting!

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