Behind the Lens

When I first started out, photography that is, I was doing it because I felt like it would be fun, a good release, and a challenge. I started off slow and two years later, I have learned a lot about my self, a lot about photography, and I enjoy the idea that there is soooo much more that I have yet to learn.

That said, I realized I can put my images into two categories. I can not attach a simple word to either one, so I will just describe separately.

Category 1 is essentially finding beauty. I’m not the best at capturing it in my camera, but I know what it is when I see it. At one point, when photography was more of a hobby then a passion, I’d be happy to just find something that anyone would find beautiful and shoot it. Now, I am constantly framing everything I see…I will pull my car over in the street just to snap something that I know will come to life in my focus. In this category of work, I like to find the obvious beauty and the beauty that many people just don’t see or take the time to observe.

Category 2 came out of a suggestion from a friend. I shared my work with her and she said, “They are nice, but they don’t hold my attention.” I asked her why that was (PS. I love suggestions and critiques) and she replied that there was no deeper message, nothing to pull her into the photo and keep her exploring every detail. From that came the necessity of story telling through my lens. Being able to convey something that would have never conveyed something in the grand scheme of life, without proper framing. I am still in the infancy of skill and experience, so this is a hard challenge to myself, but I hope to be able to be as poetic with the camera as I am with my pen.

Lastly, some times I just take pictures of things that interest me, or I find different, not the ordinary. The underlying goal is that I want to be able to capture essence. I love life, and I want to express that love through my images, in a way that someone can see that 1/250 of a second frozen and time and still feel like they are stuck in that moment right along with the picture.


2 responses

30 05 2008

I know you must have heard this before from your mother or me. Yet again, I’m amazed at how much you have learned through your pictures and and words in this blog. Your growth in photography, and not to minimize, your technical prowess with the computer and camera is much to be envied. Your dad is so proud of your maturity and knowledge as it continues unabated. I’m grateful and proud at the same time, of you sharing your experiences with us. One could argue, it’s more of the soul that you expose to us. Keep the hunger you possess for learning on overdrive.

16 06 2008

An image is very subjective. What I like in a shot you might not or vice versa ‘Vive la differance’. I started out with a box brownie my elder brother bought for me when I was 12 yrs old. How things have changed in such a short time.

Keep up the good work.

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