Alternative Wedding Shots

24 11 2009

Her Walk., originally uploaded by kamikaze productions.

I shot my first wedding not too long ago. I didn’t have any of the camera equipment that a pro would recommend, nor the experience for that matter. I just came with my love of the camera and the art of finding the right shot. Why was I able to do this? Well quite frankly – this wasn’t a paying gig.

It had to be one of the great opportunities I’ve ever had. Being at a friends wedding and being able to capture some not so contemporary, not so cookie cutter, not so yearbook shots…making the wedding into you’re own personal artistic rendition. If you ever have the chance to do it, please do by all means. Sitting in the audience is boring anyway, so get up and try it out!

The picture above illustrates what I meant by artistic. Most wedding shots, and event photos for that matter, concentrate on a subject – in sports it’s the players and at a rally the orator. But how you capture an event is really the fun part. How do you transcend the subject so that the meaning becomes less simple?

The best advice I can give is step outside the comfort zone. Apply your street photography sense to the situation, in my case a wedding. The baseline, there is more than one way to skin a cat. (Is that the right adage?) In this picture, I shot the subject from the diagonal rear. The focus is her, but you get a sense that you may feel what she’s feeling as she is escorted past her friends and family by her loving father. You feel her regalness as all eyes are on the groom’s Queen, she is holding court. This isn’t a feeling you could capture by shooting her dead on center. Also consider the crop, which is tight in this case but encompasses enough of the supporting cast to draw you into her mind.

Trial and error always wins in my head…so just shoot and don’t be afraid to take the unnatural, the less normal of shots. Good luck and good shooting!